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Ramadan 2021 Hadith Week-2

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04/19/2021 (Monday) 04/20/2021 (Tuesday) 04/21/2021 (Wednesday) 04/22/2021 (Thursday) 04/23/2021 (Friday)

Syllabus January 2021

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1st (Hadith) আদব/শিষ্টাচার Riyadus Saliheen: posted in hadith section 2nd (Quran) Quranic Grammar and Tafseer (Allah’s haq/matters of heart) Sura Baqarah (1-5) (characteristics of muttaqeen)… Read More »Syllabus January 2021

Flowers of Paradise

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We have curated resources from various renowned scholars throughout the history. Our advisory panel has extensively researched the specific references and had suggested these materials… Read More »Flowers of Paradise